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Olde Borchweg 32, 9853 TC Munnekezijl, The Netherlands

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POMMEQ: your first partner for export for a wide range of potato and onion equipment.
World wide shipment of new and used machinery and spare parts by truck, train, plane or sea.
POMMEQ has worldwide a lot of reliable business and service relationsand is connected with
many international trade-sources, so please don't hesitate to pick up your phone and to give us a call.

New in our program: ARECO
Tipping trailers.
ARECO tipping trailers are fully manufactured in the Netherlands and are available in a 18.5
cubic meter (L550) 22 cubic meters (L650) and a 24.5 cubic meter (L700) implementation.
We can also offer 3 axle trailers with a payload of 35 tons and a capacity of up to 50 cubic meters.
Areco kipper POMMEQ

Areco 3 axle POMMEQ

Miedema CP cup planters.
The CP cup planting machine is a multifunctional potato planter whose quality has been
thoroughly proven in practice. The Miedema CP combines high capacity, user-friendliness
and planting accuracy, and is a model of potato-friendliness. It is also ideal as a combination
machine for soil cultivation, fertiliser spreading, planting, crop protection and ridging in a single
pass. You save on work, number of machines and fuel. All together, this means an optimum start
to the potato growing season and a guarantee of high crop yields.

CP 42 with cultivator
Miedema CP cup planter, your advantages:
1. very accurate spacing in the row
2. high capacity
3. very product-friendly
4. easy to use
5. increased efficiency and cost savings
Miedema CP 42 kooirollen  POMMEQ
Miedema CP 42 Pulled with hood  Pommeq
Miedema X-treme planter as 4, 6 and 8 row. For the heavy duty potato farmers.
Miedema CP 82P X   pommeq
Click HERE to find more information about the MIEDEMA cup planters

Miedema MS belt planters.
The Miedema Structural belt planter is ideal for planting a wide range of seed potatoes
quickly and accurately. Its advanced technology allows you to vary the spacing in the
row regardless of the size of the potato. The result? Optimum stem distribution and a more
homogeneous end product. Even pregerminated potatoes can be planted easily and without sprout damage.

The unique benefits of the Miedema MS belt planter:
1. versatile
2. product and sprout-friendly
3. easy to use
4. high planting capacity
5. saves on costs and increases efficiency

Miedema MS 2000 trailed


MS2000 hef Pommeq
Miedema MS 4000 getrokken  Pommeq
Miedema MS 4000 getrokken met aanaardkap  Pommeq
Miedema MS 4000 kistenkantelaar POMMEQ
Click HERE to find more information about the Miedema MS beltplanter

Miedema instore equipment.

After harvesting potato's or onions, you want to store your product in as product-friendly and efficient a manner
as possible. You get the best results using easy-to-operate storage machinery from Miedema. Product
sensors regulate the capacity of your storage line fully automatically - no more manual handling. This
optimises product flow continuously. 
The chance of damage is minimal because of the limited drop
heights and a continuous potato flow, with product stacking on product correctly. You maintain the
quality you want
Miedema storage machines are easy to operate using a well-organised control panel, and
are very accessible for maintenance. The result is a longer service life for the machine. Our machines
have proven low maintenance costs and energy consumption, so you get the best return on your potatoes.
You can easily see which storage machines best meet the requirements of your operation.
The many variations of cleaning modules, conveyor belts and filling options mean there is always a
solution ideal for your company.

Miedema inschuur lijn  Pommeq
Durability and low energy costs are the driving forces behind the low user costs of Miedema
storage machines. Wear-sensitive parts were avoided as much as possible in their design.
With hoppers from Miedema, it is possible to control the cleaning rollers using a monodrive
system. Unlike chain-driven systems, this system does not contain any wear-sensitive parts.
In many cases, Miedema supplies steel spiral cleaning rollers that are much more durable
than PU rollers, for example. The belt comes in sections so you do not have to replace the
entire mat if damage occurs. To save on energy costs, storage machines from Miedema
have electric drives which consume relatively little power.
Miedema MH met MB33  Pommeq

Miedema SMART PIN for a continuous and non-stop cleaning of the spiral rollers.
Unlike other brands, the SMART PIN system is cleaning the rollers non stop without any
Miedema smart pin met su POMMEQ

You can change your entire cleaning and sorting line to suit if you choose a hopper with a
double sorting unit and lifting set. This unique system means that one person can switch in just
a couple of minutes from a cleaning module to a combined cleaning and pre-sorting unit.
This gives you the option of pre-sorting or not. Your hopper easily accommodates the required
Miedema MH met liftset


Miedema ME MH en TAT
Miedema TAT en ML  Pommeq


Miedema graders.
The market value of your potatoes increases if they are sorted into the correct sizes.
The top-quality graders from Miedema give you the quality and efficiency you want and are
the perfect addition to your storage line. Our product range includes both roller and web graders,
which are an excellent addition to your cleaning unit. The grading units are versatile and flexible,
and can be located immediately behind the receiving hopper or separately in the storage line.
Complete combination machines are also available, with the grading unit incorporated into the machine.
Miedema Webgrader POMMEQ
Miedema web grader single pommeq

 De Miedema Box fillers
Miedema box fillers guarantee you higher returns: boxes are filled automatically without
damaging your valuable product. The preset fully automatic filling programmes are tuned
to follow this principle. Our box filler guarantees the best possible box filling, regardless of size.
How? A wide filler belt is used and the box filled layer by layer in a product-friendly way.
Miedema MB111 boxfiller
Miedema MB 55 boxfiller Pommeq

More information about Miedema boxfillers can be found HERE

Miedema MB 33 agr

Miedema Electric - hydraulic conveyor ME 60 can be used in the field for filling your
potato planter, or other machines.
Extremely robust chassis with lighting. Swiveling conveyor, hydraulic and
height adjustment.
Also ideal for filling your box filler.
Miedema ME 60 elec-hydr pommeq
Miedema planter filler ME 80

 Miedema combi machines.
Your needs are the starting point for a custom made combination machine. Our combis
create a total solution for buffering, sorting, cleaning, analyzing and transporting your product.
By combining the outstanding advantages of different storing machines from Miedema, the
combi provides a unit that is perfectly tailored to your preferences.
Miedema MH combi POMMEQ
Hopper combinations from Miedema bundle together the strengths of different machines
on a single chassis. All settings for the different stages in the storage process are matched
perfectly and stay that way. No more adjusting separate machines manually - you just use
the intuitive control panel. The hopper combi is quick to move and multifunctional. You no
longer have to transport batches between machines or spend time setting up the storage line.


Miedema SB combi LTPommeq
Miedema MH combi 241 POMMEQ
Miedema MH combi met MLPommeq


DeWulf Harvesters.
Dewulf potato harvesters lead the pack in terms of user-friendliness and cleaning capacity.
With their long tradition of innovation, Dewulf's machines among the most advanced in the world.
We are therefore proud that we have now joined forces.

DeWulf RDT
The Dewulf RDT 2-row harvester with 5 tons hopper is a unique machine with an impressive sieving capacity.
The machine is equipped with 3 sieving webs, 2 haulm rollers and 2 hedgehog belts.

The combination of the hedgehog belt with axial rollers (option) provides exceptional cleaning, whatever
the circumstances may be. Revolutionary is the time and effort saving changeover of the axial roller set-up.
Within only 30 minutes the axial roller set-up can be replaced by a regular conveyor web, in order to harvest
during dry conditions. The RDT Superia guarantees optimal product handling, due to low falling heights and
a minimum amount of changes of the product flow through the harvester.


DeWulf 2060
With the R2060 trailed sieving harvester, Dewulf has built a high-performance machine that
significantly improves working speed, ease of use and potato quality. Thanks to its modular
concept, the R2060 bunker harvester is perfectly adaptable to your specific working conditions.
+ 7-tonne bunker
+ Unloading on the move
+ Large cleaning capacity
+ Big wheels guarantee driving ability in all weather conditions
+ Accessible maintenance
+ Maintenance-free components (PTO, closed gear boxes)

DeWulf 2060 Pommeq

DeWulf R4060 
The R4060 2-row self-propelled sieving harvester with elevator is based on a proven
harvesting mechanism.
+ Comfortable operation
+ Excellent visibility
+ Modular cleaning set
+ Intelligent elevator design
The extremely manoeuvrable machine has a permanent hydrostatic three-wheel drive which
is continuously variable. The traction power can be regulated per wheel, so you can continue
harvesting, even in the worst circumstances and weather conditions. The carefully developed
weight distribution offers the R4060 potato harvester unmatched stability.
Dewulf 4060 Pommeq 1
DeWulf 4060 POMMEQ

 DeWulf 3060

The Dewulf R3060, 2-row self-propelled sieving harvester, has been proven and tested
in potato fields worldwide. In wet or dry conditions, hilly or flat, the offset R3060
harvester has earned its stripes in countless, productive working hours.
+ Superior final product quality
+ Maximum productivity in any conditions
+ Easy maintenance

DeWulf 3060  Pommeq 1
Look at the brochure HERE
DeWulf 3060 Pommeq
For more information about this mighty machine, klick HERE


Since its launch in 2010, Dewulf was first manufacturer to combine frontal harvesting with
a classic cleaning of webs, hedgehog unit and cleaning modules with the biggest bunker
in the market. Dewulf continued with INNOVATIVE developments, without detracting from
what makes it so unique. Over the years, the Kwatro has built a strong reputation in the
market as the master in field, anytime, anywhere.
In 2015, Dewulf implemented extensive updates, without changing the concept that forms
the basis of the harvester's success. Careful attention was paid to what the professional users
in the field had to say.
Dewulf Kwatro pommeq
DeWulf kwatro pommeq
More specs can be found HERE
DeWulf carrot harvesters

Dewulf's top lifting harvesters deliver the highest quality crops thanks to their indestructible
top-lifting mechanism. Dewulf offers self-propelled, trailed and transported top lifting
harvesters, for one to four rows and with bunker or elevator.
+ Robust top-lifting mechanism
+ Smooth intake
+ Guaranteed carrot quality

Dewulf klemband 1

klemband 2
klemband 3
klemband 4 carrot harvester
klemband 5 dewulf carrot harvester
Click HERE to read more about this super machines.

STRUIK machines
Over the course of more than 80 years Struik has become a specialist in the field of cultivation
and introduced many new innovative products. What once began as a forging company has grown
to become a modern factory producing advanced machinery, day in and day out, that finds
its way to users in more than 90 countries.


Struik RF  Pommeq

With rubber hood for stone conditions.
Struik RF rubber POMMEQ

The Struik RF rigid-tine rotary cultivator can be used as either a full-field or row cultivator. The full-field
configuration is prefect for planting bed preparation for potatoes.
It is also suitable for ridging soil for carrots, endive, chicory or flower bulbs and for preparing beds in
which other crops can be planted or sowed.
As a row cultivator, the RF is the ideal machine for creating perfect rounded or flat ridges with a large
volume. The stainless steel ridge formers create voluminous, firm, identically shaped ridges. Utilizing ridge formers
makes it possible to drive over lighter soil types more quickly.

As a leading specialist manufacturer of cultivation equipment, Struik builds cultivators in many different sizes.
The RF is available in sizes ranging from 2x75 cm to 8x90 cm. If desired, machines can even be built to customer
specifications in any intermediate or special sizes.
Struik RF 6 rij  POMMEQ

Equipping the full-field cultivator with a diabolo roller results in voluminous, firm, uniform ridges.
These diabolo rollers are superbly suited for preparing carrot and endive beds. The hydraulically-driven
diabolo roller is available with disc diameters of 480 mm and 580 mm.
Struik RF wortel Pommeq
Struik wortel  Pommeq

The Struik BF full-field cultivator can be used as a bed cultivator. As a full-field cultivator,
the BF is the ideal machine for creating perfect beds. It is possible to equip the BF with a
diabolo roller. The advantage of doing so is that it allows you to achieve better compaction,
improving the water distribution in the bed.
Struik bedden

Struik RFF front cultivator
This cultivator has been specially designed for use in the front of the tractor to allow full-field
cultivation and planting/sowing in a single pass. This saves both labour hours and fuel. Options
include linkage elements for attachment to the rear of the tractor.
The major advantage of the front cultivator over a rotary harrow is that no large clods are left in
the ridges and the planting bed is not driven over once it has been prepared.
The cemented carbide tines are positioned to cause the least amount of smear possible; this is important
because the soil is often still quite moist. Standard equipment on the RFF includes rubber upper plates,
cemented carbide tines and a three-speed gearbox for adjustment of the rotor speed to match the soil
conditions. The front cultivator can be attached to either the front or rear of the tractor and is suitable
for preparing both sowing and planting beds.
With its special rotor diameter, carefully considered tine positioning and ideal rotor speed, the Struik front
cultivator provides perfect cultivation with modest power requirements.

The crumbling roller ensures the soil is spread evenly and the cultivator remains stable. The tubing is welded to
the roller in a V-shape, which makes it easy to keep the cultivator on track. The crumbling roller is available as
an option. The equalization bar with the hardened tines is designed to break and divide the large, coarse clods.
The equalization bar is available as an option.

The front cultivator can be delivered with three different hoods:

  1. A ridging hood to create ridges immediately after cultivating.
  2. A land leveller plate to equalize the cultivated soil again.
  3. A land leveller plate with removable tines.

Struik front frees  Pommeq

The Struik ZF row cultivator is a highly versatile machine that is used worldwide for all sorts of
different crops.
Each of the rotary cultivator units is driven independently, from the top, so there is free
space for plants to extend upwards, between the units.
The ZF is a modular system and can be built in any configuration, from 3 to 12 rows, regardless
of the row spacing. This makes the ZF a very versatile machine.
The cultivator elements are fitted standard with 8 tines. Narrower elements with 4 tines are
also available for cultivation without damaging the root structure of the crop.

+ Every cultivator element has individual shear-bolt protection.
+ Cultivation between rows with high foliage.
+ Mechanical weed control.
+ Adjustable cultivator units, which makes it possible to use the ZF for crops with variable inter-row spacing.
Struik ZF 1 POMMEQ
Struik ZF
Struik ZF 2  POMMEQ

Struik WR ridgeformer.

The Struik WR ridge former, also called a ridging plough, is an ideal tool for ridging light to medium
density soil, with or without stones. The ridge former can be delivered with a fixed ridger or as a fixed
ridger with Vibro Flex tines.
Advantages of the WR are:
+ Easy adjustment of the ridge height
+ Improved effectiveness of spray applications due to smooth ridge surface
+ Use of stainless steel ridging units results in completely uniformly formed and scalped ridges.
+ The removable tines make it possible to perform weed control even after the crop has emerged


Struik haulm toppers

This machine was specially developed for haulm killing of seed crops, such as potatoes, to
prevent viral infections.
The Struik LKFA haulm topper is equipped standard with a three-point linkage, allowing the
machine to be attached to either the front or rear of the tractor. As a result of the shape of the
frame and the specially shaped hardened flails, which follow the contours of the ridges,
the haulm topper generates extra suction force which results in better flailing action. Thanks
to the low weight of this implement, soil compression by the tractor tyres will be minimal.
The haulm toppers are available in configurations ranging from 2x75 cm to 8x90 cm.
Struik loofklapper 2 rij  POMMEQ
Struik loofklapper

Kramer Start Seeders.
Growing vegetables is very specialised job which demands specialist machines.
Kramer is specialised in building these machines, there are standard and optional specifications
to meet your demands. Whichever model is chosen the same care goes into each machine to
ensure a perfect harvest. Kramer is the specialist machine producer for all of your vegetable crops,
Kramer thinks that a good start is not good enough. For the best result and a perfect harvest you
need Kramer machines. Kramer is the perfect start.

KramerStart uienzaaimachine POMMEQ
KramerStart wortelzaaier
Klick HERE for more information.

Holaras union toppers and harvesters.

Holaras onion windrowers are stable and rugged machines. Models are available in three
working widths and are suitable for onion transplants and seeded onions.
Onions are lifted from the soil by means of a square bar (lifting bar or rod). The counters and
V-shaped shares mounted on either side of the square lifting bar eliminate wastage by the first
pick-up web. The rubber intake roller mounted behind the square lifting bar deposits the onions
on the agitating web. This shakes off soil and trash and deposits the onions to a second belt, which
leaves them via tanker ‘K’ damage free on the ground. After air-drying the onions are ready
for safe and smooth collection.
Holaras pommeq

Holaras 1 pommeq
Technical specs can be found HERE.

Holaras 2 bed front harvester. For the big one's

Agricult PieperDoes disc sprayers.
Special spray equipment for potatoes, against storage diseases
(Seed), germination (GRO-STOP BASIC) and dust. PieperDoes wins any comparison!

Loofdoes pommeq
pc 80 pommeq
Pieperdoes kast pommeq

Schouten grading and sorting equipment
The origins of the Schouten business lie in the sorting of agricultural products The main requirement
of our customers is that grading is done in a very product-friendly manner with the greatest possible
care for the product. On that basis, we have extended our range over the past few years with
applications for barn storage, treatment and processing.
Schouten can offer a solution for agricultural entrepreneurs in every situation. Whatever the
circumstances, we will seek the optimal solution for any size of business and for all grading and
processing applications, whether you need to process 3 tons or 30 tons per hour.
Schouten leeskamer pommeq

Schouten bunker pommeq
Schouten Kistensorteermachine Pommeq
Schouten zeven pommeq

With every ‘shock’ movement the product is tossed up at an angle and then topples forward
at an angle. This means that the product never has the chance to find a way between the
grading holes. Installing the SVS behind a chute allows you to carry out primary sorting of your
product at the start of the barn storage process. You may want to do this, for example, because
oversized potatoes sold straight from the land fetch such a good price. The discharge belt from
the chute can be used as discharge belt for the SVS pre-grading machine.
Schouten SVS pommeq



PIM Machinery
is a young and no-nonsense company with many years of experience in weighing
and bagging applications, e.g. for
[un washed] potatoes, onions carrots, root celery but also for industrial products
like [char] coal.
is developing, selling, manufacturing, installing and servicing weighing- and
bagging equipment. We are also able to service other brands in order to optimize
your service calls.
PIM-Machineryprovides turnkey solutions including project management which
allows you to stay focused on your own business.

Half automatic bagfiller with sewing machine

Pim naaistraatje
Full automatic sewing machine
Pim naaistraat pommeq
Multi head weighers
Pim weger pommeq
Bigbag fillers
Pim bigbag vuller
Go to the PIM website

Wifo machines.
Wifo 1 Pommeq
Wifo 2 pommeq
Wifo 3 pommeq

Offringa box rotators
offringa kistendraaier

After harvesting them, you want to store your potatoes in as product-friendly and efficient a manner as possible. You get the best results using easy-to-operate storage machinery from Miedema. Product sensors regulate the capacity of your storage line fully automatically - no more manual handling. This optimises product flow continuously. The chance of damage is minimal because of the limited drop heights and a continuous potato flow, with product stacking on product correctly. You maintain the quality you want