Our workshop

We can also repair your machine in our efficiently equipped workshop.
Our VCA certified technicians have an extensive machine and knowledge package to provide you with good service in all cases. With our 12 hall cranes we can easily remove heavy and large components from machines and installations. This saves you and us a lot of time and energy.

Thanks to a wide range of machining machines and special tools, we can help you quickly and efficiently with any repair.

PVC workshop
Our main industry is the sale and repair of potato, carrot, onion technique and nursing equipment.
Many of these machines are equipped with PVC belts or parts. In our own PVC workshop we can make the right size PVC belt very quickly.
We have the PVC material in stock in various widths.
With our special PVC welding machine we make the right endless belt with the correct length and width for you. Pommeq can also provide elevator belts with cleats, rubber belts, soft landing, receiving hopper floors, side seals, fall breakers and the re-coating of drive rollers.

Electro department
In our company we have created a special area for the repair of electronic components and electric motors. We have special test equipment to determine any malfunction.
In our electrical department we also make custom-built switch boxes for any desired purpose or brand.
In 2015 Pommeq took over the complete repair department for Structural planter counting and control cabinets from the Miedema factory in Winsum.
Pommeq has exchange cabinets for each Structural model, so that work can be continued immediately in case of an emergency.

Complete machine overhaul
Pommeq is the absolute specialist in total overhauls of instore equipment, field machines and bunker sorting equipment . Machine overhaul means that you keep the costs under control. We advise you, after the machine investigation, whether a total machine overhaul is justified, or whether a partial machine overhaul, or even extension could be interesting.
By means of overhaul, the machine can be returned to its ‘new condition’ if desired and there is even the option to upgrade the machine to current standards. We have many years of experience in machine overhaul and guarantee the correct quality after we have done our job for you.

Service at your location
We have three well-equipped service vans for service or repairs at your farm. Thanks to these service vans, we can almost always guarantee a fast and efficient solution. Thanks to this service, we can also overhaul fixed installations at your farm or factory.
Distance means nothing for us.

Modifications or special constructions

Pommeq has already built or adapted many special machines for better operation at the request of its customers. We like to find an optimal solution for improving your product quality and making your work easier.

Adaptations for Structural planters

Example: Seed tray platform on Miedema – Structural planters.
Foldable during transport.

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Some pictures of our workshop

Miedema Structural MS 4000 potato belt planter

Metal machining center

Miedema CP 42 potato planter

DeWulf 3060 self propelled potato harvester


Rebuild Miedema LBV 130-70 store loader