Pommeq started in 1997 in Ulrum with the name Oldenhuis Export.
At the time, the main activity consisted mainly of purchasing used storage technology and Structural planting machines. these machines were refurbished together with Oldenhuis senior in the evening and mainly exported abroad.
Until 2004 this was a side activity of Beeno Oldenhuis in addition to a permanent job in the international potato machine sector.
From 2004 it was decided to leave the permanent employment position and to go full time with the own machine trade.

The company further specialized in exports outside the European Union. In 2007 Oldenhuis Export moved to a larger warehouse in Munnekezijl.
More and more Dutch customers were also served from Munnekezijl. In 2016, the active export activities outside the EU were stopped due to the increasing demand from the market in the northern Netherlands and Germany.

In the same year the name Oldenhuis Export was changed to POMMEQ.
In 2019 the warehouse on the Olde Dyk in Munnekezijl was purchased and radically modernized.

Pommeq is currently a leading supplier when it comes to machines and parts for potato, onions and carrot technology.


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